Qura'n Competition

The online registration for the Quran contest is now opened. Each community is advised to encourage students in their community to actively participate in this competition. Registration is free and winners in first, second & third place will receive prize. Qura’n competition is opened for all genders and ages amd because of lack of resources and capacity, we required to limit this competition for students in Badr community affiliation and its associates. Therefore, we strongly recommend to take this opportunity to inspire our children to involve and carry on this sprit for the generation to come. 
                                                                                                                                                                                      Register online
Competitions Procedures:
    • Contenders must pass pre entry test in order to be qualified for this contest. Pre entry test will be held by judges online and reciter whom have obtained 70% or more from judge’s scores will be registered to take part in round 1.

    • Round 2 might be considered based on number of participants and results of the first round.

    • The top reciters, chosen by the judges will compete for the final at Badr 2015 convention in Toronto from July 30th to August 2nd

    • Final round is limited for those whom have obtained 95% or more from judge’s scores on the previous round

      • Parents should be company of the competitor who is under the age of 18 and responsible to cover all their expenses if they want their children to participate.
      • Contestants is required  to dress Islamically and demonstrate the best possible Islamic characteristic all the time
      •  Compotators must comply with all regulations including dress code and personal characteristic to maintain their status

Table of contents for competition:

    • All participants will be tested on memorization and recitation according to the rules of Tajweed.

    •  Competitors must bear in mind that they are not competing for any worldly benefit but only for the pleasure of Allah (SWT).

    • Participants must memorize all the surah required for the competition (with their names) thoroughly and with correct Tajweed.

    • Judges will be testing Hifz, Tajweed, proper Waqf (stop), and Lehja (tone).

    • Judges might add additional contents 
    • Not abiding by any of the above rules will result in immediate disqualification.

Hifz Marking Criteria

    • 1/2 a mark will be deducted if the recitation is not fluent (this will apply for each A'yah)

    • 1 mark will be deducted for correcting one's own mistake after being informed by the signal

    • 2 marks will be deducted if the Questioner has to correct the mistake.

Tajweed Marking Criteria:

    • 1 mark will be deducted for lahne-khafi (mistakes made in Sifaat [ghunnah, madd, tafkheem (full mouth) or tarqeeq (empty mouth)

    • 2 marks will be deducted for (mistakes for makhaarij)

    • 1 mark will be didected for self correction (by recitor) 
    • 2 mark will be didected for judges correction

The Prizes:

Please note the following important instructions:

Participants Registration: You have to register and be on time for the contest 

Dress Code: All participants are expected to strictly follow the dress code of a white Qamis (thoube) with a Kufiyah (hat) .

No exceptions will be made for those who do not adhere to the dress code.

Competition Format:

Once the participant has been seated,judge will select a sealed question and the Questioner will read the 1st ayah of the Surah/Question for the participant.

Please note that the participants will not be permitted to use their own Qur'an. A copy will be provided for them.

Register online

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